Electormagnetic Shielding

ShedTech: the Enterprise shed Making things happen Newcastle uni UK 2016
To Tony and other,
I have over 30 years ago had an idea watching as a kid blue lines of electricity running along wires over riding a fuse box my dads idea of fireworks for me!
Over the years looking at waves and light reflections along with my introduction to magnets and using iron filings to show the lines of force.

I have an idea for mainly a Spacecraft/Human cargo with a better Radiation Shield Inhibiting the said craft with a more Fluid Radiation Shielding!

If you have a tall glass of water stir it slowly then faster until you have a fluid vortex showing with a concave central part larger up the top of the glass,tapering to a end at the bottom of the glass.
If you drop something into the middle that sits in a fixed state while the fluid swirls around the spacecraft.
I thought why not use a magnetic vortex system that is pulsed around the said space craft flowing overt and around the craft with out actually touching it(due to human cells do not like long exposure).

Why not make some concentric rings that are launched into space as a cylinder block with sunlight solar panels build up Energy to Store and Use that energy, then mechanically opens up to form 2x halves of a circle!

When the spacecraft is finally launched it moves into position so that both come together and the rings close up around the said spacecraft,

When the spacecraft fires up its chemical,fluid,nuclear,??? engine or engines as it goes forward the stored energy starts to pump energy to create electricity for the fluid vortex electromagnetic field.
As the Electromagnetic Field starts to form and the vortex is in place it needs to be pulsed so as to keep the shield functional.
This Shield should still be able to around but moving up and down the spacecraft with the thicker portion forming mainly in the middle.

Cheers Allan